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The New Hyundai IONIQ electric plus Is Here!

The New Hyundai IONIQ electric plus Is Here!

When Hyundai announced its revolutionary new Hyundai electric-powered IONIQ car, one of the most noteworthy of the many innovative facets of the new model was that it was the first production vehicle in the world to be offered with three different powertrains built on one and the same platform: an IONIQ all-electric, an IONIQ hybrid, and an IONIQ plug-in hybrid. The first two have been available for some time now and been very well received by journalists and by Canadian consumers. Now, we're happy to tell you at Orangeville Hyundai that the all-new Hyundai IONIQ electric plus has arrived to complete the triumvirate!

Propelled by a highly advanced plug-in hybrid powertrain that includes a newly developed 1.6L 4-cylinder direct-injection engine as well as a 45 kW electric motor powered by an 8.9 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery, the new IONIQ electric plus provides a total output of 164 hp and 195 lb-ft, plenty enough to ensure rapid acceleration and passing power on highways. The system is bolted to an advanced 6-speed dual-clutch transmission.

One of the most revolutionary additions to the new powertrain is a cutting-edge new Eco-Driving Assist system. It engages the car's GPS system to monitor the route itinerary and plan ahead for hills and descents, and adjusts the battery and regenerative braking systems to maximize range.

Best of Both Worlds

The 2018 IONIQ electric plus really provides consumers with the best of both worlds when it comes to enjoying reliable, exciting performance and unprecedented fuel economy. The electric motor has a range of up to 47 km when operating independently (without any need for the gasoline engine), helped of course by the aforementioned regenerative braking system. This is enough for many people's shorter-distance commuting needs; within this range you won't be using a drop of gasoline! And remember that the new battery used in the electric plus can be recharged in just three hours (using a level 2 charger); or, recharge overnight or while at work on an ordinary 120V outlet.

If you do go beyond the battery's range, the gasoline engine kicks in and the car operates like a traditional hybrid-powered vehicle. No need to worry about finding a charging station on your weekend road trip, in other words; the fuel-efficient 4-cylinder engine is there to get you where you're headed!

Precision Handling

Hyundai vehicles are gaining a strong reputation for their responsive and precise handling capabilities, and the new IONIQ electric plus benefits from an advanced multi-link rear suspension system, which includes dual lower control arms that help tighten up the ride and firm up handling. Combine that with the horses and torque that the hybrid powertrain offers, and you have yourself a car that totally blows away any conceptions people may have about the excitement level offered by hybrid vehicles!


The interior of the new Hyundai IONIQ electric plus has been carefully conceived to make operating even such an advanced collection of technologies super-intuitive. The central screen display gives you real-time access to data regarding the battery charge level, estimated remaining range, and even charging stations located in proximity in case you want to avoid having to use the gasoline engine at all.

We could go on at Orangeville Hyundai about all the other standard performance, comfort and amenities features that make the new IONIQ electric plus such a unique, value-packed proposition in the field of electric-powered vehicles. These include, for example, a standard 8-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, navigation system, heated steering wheel, heated front AND rear seats, and so on. But the best way to discover this remarkable car is up close and in person; so visit our modern showroom in Orangeville and discover the exciting new 2018 Hyundai IONIQ electric plus, and take it out for a road test!