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Purchasing Process

Purchasing Process - Orangeville Hyundai


During the first phase of the buying process it's all about determining the vehicle that will best suit your lifestyle, needs and wants, and most importantly your budget! Some basic questions to ask yourself at the beginning of the process would be:

- NEW vs. USED     



- Front Wheel Drive (FWD) vs. All Wheel Drive (AWD)

Once you've got an idea of what you are looking for, head over to the vehicle showroom to see what models are available and the specifics of each trim level. Each Hyundai model (Example: Accent) will come in a variety of trim levels from your base, up to the fully loaded (Example: L, LE, GL, SE, GLS). When viewing a vehicle model in the showroom, you will be able to see the features and options provided with each trim level.

Having trouble determining what model or trim level to look for? Contact us and we can certainly assist in finding the right vehicle at the best price.


Once you are comfortable with the discovery and research of vehicle models/trims, determining how you'll be purchasing would be the next step. We've tried to explain in detail our pricing and the different purchasing methods over on our Fine Print page, but a quick summary is can purchase a vehicle three ways:

- Cash & Prime Rates

Highest incentives. Don't have all the full amount in cash? Outstanding amount is finance-able, but would be at the SMART rate. All of our advertised pricing will reflect cash pricing unless otherwise specified.

- Promotional Finance Rates

Incentives are lower than "cash", but amount is finance-able at the Hyundai promotional rate (Example: 0%). 

- Lease

You're not purchasing the vehicle, you're purchasing the use of the vehicle for a period of time and kilometers. You do have the option of purchasing the vehicle at the end of your term for a predetermined buyout value.

If you're not interested in leasing, how do you know what's the best when looking at cash vs. finance rates & incentives? Since the manufacturer programs change monthly, performing both payment calculations and comparing the two is the only way. Just a reminder that as a result of the changing programs, any prices and payments quoted are only valid within that month, unless otherwise stated!

Don't want to perform the calculations yourself? Contact us and we'll help determine the best route resulting in the lowest payment. Just let us know what vehicle and term loan you'd be looking for (24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, and 96 months) and we'll crunch the numbers!


Once you've found the vehicle and price you're looking for, determining your current vehicle's trade-in value would be the next step. While we cannot guarantee the value of any vehicle without scheduling and performing an on-site appraisal, we do have an online vehicle appraisal tool to assist in providing an estimate of what your trade-in is worth (especially helpful for calculating payments on your new vehicle).

When using the vehicle appraisal tool, please keep in mind that the values provided reflect the wholesale market values of vehicles in ideal selling condition. Accident damage and history, current damage and overall condition, odometer reading, A/C operation and other factors can affect your vehicle's value.


If financing or leasing, after choosing the vehicle (and determining a trade-in value, if applicable) the next step will be to complete a credit application and receive approval from one of our available lenders. Hyundai currently offers the following option of lenders:

  • ScotiaBank
  • RBC
  • TD
  • Hyundai Finance

If you're not sure what you are able to afford or have had issues with credit ratings, let us know and we can work with our lenders to see what is available.


After completing an agreement to purchase a vehicle and before picking it up ("taking delivery"), there are few things to do and/or gather to ensure a smooth transition to your new vehicle. Those items are:

  • Call your insurance to notify and confirm coverage on the new vehicle. If financing/leasing the vehicle, Orangeville Hyundai will contact your insurance broker after you've called so that we can communicate lender information and receive official insurance confirmation.
  • Certify any funds to be provided at time of pickup (Maximum of $2,500 per deal can be applied to debit/credit cards).
  • If financing/leasing, a void cheque or a signed pre-authorized withdrawal form from your banking institution.


At the time of pickup ("taking delivery"), all paperwork will be finalized and completed, along with an introduction to the store and vehicle. It is always best to set aside an hour to an hour and a half, but we can always accommodate the process based on your available time and expectations!