What maintenance should I perform on my vehicle?

In between service visits, there are several things you can do to help keep your vehicle running like new. Below are general guidelines. Please be sure to check
your Owner's Manual for specific information on maintaining your vehicle.

Engine oil - Check your oil at every fuel fill-up. Add oil if the level is below the lower mark on your dipstick.

Engine coolant - Check the coolant in your engine often (at least monthly) by checking the reserve tank. Be sure to check the reserve tank and make sure not to

remove the radiator cap - the fluid inside is extremely hot.

Windshield washer fluid - Check your windshield washer fluid at every fuel fill-up.

Automatic transmission fluid - Your authorized Hyundai dealer should check your automatic transmission fluid, linkage, and controls yearly.

Brake fluid - Brake fluid level has an indicator light in the instrument cluster. If the light illuminates, contact your local Hyundai dealer.

Tires - Check your tire pressure at least monthly to ensure that your tires are properly inflated (this includes your spare). Also be sure to check tire tread for
uneven or excessive wear and foreign objects.

Air conditioning - Check your air conditioning often by turning it on for a short time regularly.

Lights - Check all of your lights - head, tail, parking, and brake lights, high-mount brake light, turn signals, backup and license plate lights - at least monthly.

Why is it important to maintain my vehicle?

Proper vehicle maintenance is the most critical step in ensuring the longevity and the value of the vehicle. Maintaining your vehicle will optimize your vehicle's
performance, safety and fuel efficiency.  Lastly, adhering to Hyundai's recommended maintenance schedule will help ensure eligible repairs remain covered by
Hyundai Canada's warranty.

When should I put on and take off winter tires?

Snow tires should be taken off when temperatures are consistently above 7 degrees Celsius. If temperatures exceed that for a couple days, it won't be a problem as
the ground probably won't heat up right. Over exposure to these temperatures can cause the tire compound to harden and this will affect traction performance in
winter conditions. This usually means November install and April removal. We do offer seasonal tire storage!

What fuel is recommended for use in my vehicle?

Your Hyundai is designed to use only unleaded fuel having a pump octane number of 87 or higher. Using unleaded fuel will allow your vehicle to attain maximum
performance and will minimize exhaust emissions and spark plug fouling. 

What kind of motor oil is recommended for my vehicle, and how often should the oil be changed?

Refer to your Section 7 of the Owner's Manual, for the Hyundai-recommended service intervals. Engine oil is the "lifeblood" of your Hyundai. Engine oil provides
cooling, lubrication from friction, and cleans and cushions the vital internal components of your vehicle's engine. Following Hyundai's recommended service
intervals will ensure the engine oil is effective and working to prevent engine damage. Check the engine oil level at every fuel fill-up.

Hyundai's engine oil recommendations vary from vehicle to vehicle, and from model year to model year. For the most accurate recommendation, please consult
Section 8 of  your Owner's Manual.

Why is it important to keep accurate service records?

Service records are imperative to providing proof of maintenance and can add value to the vehicle. As part of your warranty, we require customers to perform all
maintenance for Hyundai Canada to uphold its side of the warranty. 

When I start my car, do I need to let it sit to warm up?

Your Hyundai does not require extended warm up. After the engine has started, allow the engine to run for 10 to 20 seconds prior to placing the vehicle in gear. In
very cold weather, however, give your engine a slightly longer warm-up period, between 60-90 seconds. Letting your engine idle for long periods of time is bad for
fuel efficiency.



Why is it important for my vehicle to be serviced at Orangeville Hyundai?

Choosing to have your vehicle serviced at Orangeville Hyundai dealership ensures that your vehicle is taken care of by a certified Hyundai trained technician who is
familiar withthe mechanics and background of our vehicles. Our technicians have access to specialized diagnostic systems designed specifically for Hyundai vehicles.
Using genuine Hyundai parts, your vehicle will be serviced with the quality of care that it deserves and will ensure that it will run as long as possible backed by our
warranty. We strongly encourage our customers to take their vehicles to Hyundai dealerships to continue the established relationship with their customers.

 Why is it important to schedule my first service appointment?

Setting up your first appointment to get your Hyundai serviced at Orangeville Hyundai dealership is extremely important. It allows you the chance to meet our team,
who can explain your vehicle's maintenance requirements.  

When should I get my vehicle serviced?

It is important to have your Hyundai vehicle serviced at the recommended intervals in order for the vehicle to continue performing at its optimal level. For your
Hyundai's recommended maintenance schedule, please follow the ' Maintenance Under Severe Usage Conditions' in your owner's manual. This is due to the temperatures
our vehicles experience year round, as well as the salt and sand we put on the roads.

Do I need an appointment to service my vehicle?

It is important to call the dealership prior to visiting the service department to ensure they are ready to service your vehicle. 

Do Hyundai dealers provide alternate transportation while my vehicle is being serviced?

Orangeville Hyundai has a shuttle service available to the local area. Rentals are not generally covered, unless stipulated by your Hyundai Protection Plan (Factory
Extended Warranty). If you require a rental, we recommend Discount Car & Truck Rental.

Why should I use genuine Hyundai Parts and Accessories?

Our Genuine Hyundai Parts are designed to meet the standards and specifications of our vehicles. These parts are backed by our warranty. Using after-market parts runs
the risk of voiding your warranty should that part cause a defect in the vehicle.

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