Online Pricing Policy

Our 'Dealer MSRP' is calculated for each of our vehicles by determining the sum of the vehicle base price, delivery and destination, Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) fee, Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC) fee, etch, air conditioning excise tax, and accessories (wheel locks, front and rear mud guards [if applicable]). Price is plus HST and Licensing.

Our 'Internet Price/Dealer Price' is calculated using 'MSRP' less etch, dealer discount (based on model/trim), and total cash incentives; unless otherwise specified. The 'Internet Price' is based on "cash price" and is plus HST and Licensing, and can be financed at the Hyundai Smart Rate. Our 'Internet Price/Dealer Price' is not compatible with other advertised offers.

Frequently Asked Pricing Questions

Q: I see your 'Internet Price', what else is there to it?

A: Unless otherwise stated, all of our prices online just need HST and Licensing applied on top. Not only do we believe in the idea of "the just add tax philosophy", but also it adheres to the OMVIC Advertising requirements.

Q: Why is the cash price your 'Internet Price'?

A: We advertise this way for transparency and ease of comparison. By using this pricing model, it creates a "common language" to communicate price between models and their respective trim packages; as finance rates and incentives can differ based on model/trim.

Q: I noted Hyundai Canada's MSRP is lower than yours. Why?

A: The MSRP listed on Hyundai Canada's website does not reflect an all-in price as it doesn't account for things such as delivery and destination, air conditioning excise tax, Ontario Tire Stewardship, OMVIC transaction fee, etc. Manufacturers and Dealers have differing regulations to adhere to in regards to advertising, which is reflected in pricing.

Q: Can I finance the 'Internet Price' at the promotional finance rate (Example: 0%)?

A: No. Since the 'Internet Price' uses total cash incentives, the Hyundai Smart Rate applies. While as a consumer we like to think that a promotional rate, such as 0%, comes at no cost of borrowing, but the bank doesn't offer this rate out of the goodness of their heart. The manufacturer uses some or all of the total cash incentives to purchase the rate down.

Q: What's the 'Promotional Finance Rate Price' then?

A: There is no magic formula, you'll need to contact us in regards to the specific model and trim package you're looking at to provide an accurate quote. When looking at the total purchase, and the difference between 'Internet Price' and 'Promotional Finance Rate Price', you need to take into consideration the cost of borrowing.

Q: How do I determine what's best for me when comparing Hyundai Smart Rate vs. the Promotional Rate?

A: This is where our team and software comes in! First, we'll find the vehicle that best suits you. Once we know the model and trim, we'll provide a quote using the best combination of incentives and rates resulting in the lowest monthly payment for you!

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